Tubb's Puppies - Reviews

Darvin Perry - Phoenix AZ

I bought 3 puppies from the Tubbs family. I searched for over one year looking for a Biewer Terrier and finally found the Tubbs. Other places no way matched the integrity and honesty that I found here. They would not tell me what I wanted to hear but the truth. I put a deposit on what I wanted and waited. I got Exactly what I was looking for and more. I started with looking for one puppy and got three. (wifes fault). The value for the quality is spot on. You get what you pay for. They were accommodating on pick up and timing to get the puppies. Quality designer dogs are hard to find but not from the Tubbs. You will never meet finer People. I never recommend anything cause I always find fault but not here.

Becky Buckingham - Santa Fe

Dear Tubb Family, I’ve been wanting to contact you for a while, to let you know how much (Jazzy) now known as Jett, is dearly loved! She is THE most precious, loving, little ball of fur we have ever had the pleasure of adding to our family! Jett has the sweetest, spunkiest personality that tickles us to no end! I can’t begin to tell you the joy that she has brought to our lives!
Just one month after bringing Jett home to Santa Fe, my husband was diagnosed with cancer. We had to move to Houston for three months for him to undergo chemo and radiation treatments. Jett, of course, went with us. My husband told everyone that she was his therapy dog💗. She would curl up next to him, comforting him through the worst of it. Thankfully, we are home now, cancer free! The two of them have an unbreakable bond now that is so sweet to see!
I’ll be forever grateful that I found Tubb’s Puppies! I hope to bring home a little brother for Jett one day. You are the ONLY person I will contact.

Becky Buckingham

Diana - Dallas

Vet was so impressed with how beautiful and good and comfortable Tiffy was with other people. I couldnt go back due to Covid protocol. Vet loved all your Puppy care instructions and Royal Canin for food. She said you should copyright your instructions to sell. The vet(a lady) said she had never seen the care that Tubbs Puppies gave their puppies. Such a strong intent to give the buyer and the puppy the best care and health possible for a great relationship. So impressed with you all Just like me. Will send more pics as time goes on. Love you all🥰❤️🙏

Sheri – Fort Worth Dog Groomer and Rescue Advocate

I usually don’t groom dogs for breeders because I don’t agree with how most breeders keep their dogs. Tubb’s Puppies are the only breeders I’ll work with, because they take care of their dogs. I’ve never met one of your dogs that was unhappy. Y’all should be the standard that breeders are held to!

Virginia Y. – West Virginia

We have been playing with our new puppies. We are so happy. Thank you so much. They sleep then play then sleep. Lol Love everything about them. 💖💖💖

Shea W. - Atlanta

Welcome to the family Rocky!!! We are super excited!!! We adore and love him!!!

Karol P. – Atlanta, Puppy Nanny

Tubb’s Puppies are my favorite breeders!!!! Every time I transport one I want to get a puppy for myself.

Tracy G. – Dallas

Both the puppies are loved beyond belief! I treat my dogs like kids and not dogs!! Thank You!

Lori V. – New York

Very much in love with this little one!!! 💖 I can’t stop telling people how great you were to deal with!

Molly – New Mexico

We are so happy with our new baby! He has literally changed our life! He is so smart and spunky! Using his pee pads like a champ! Can’t thank you enough!! We love him so much already!! Xo, Molly